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To request a personalized report and receive pricing information, please email research@acc.com. Target Group: We approached CCA members around the world who are the leaders of their legal activities in their departments. A screening question was asked to determine the most relevant population. Get a background analysis of your legal department`s performance and how to compare yourself to your competitors Field period: The survey opened on October 1, 2019 and ended on January 31, 2020. Reminder emails were sent weekly. Not surprisingly, 43 percent of heads of corporate law departments surveyed in a new report said they expect their departments` total legal spending to increase over the next 12 months, compared to only 21 percent who said they expect a reduction in spending. This is the strongest evidence to date of a significant increase in legal expenses that the investigation has followed over the past decade. The survey found that companies of all sizes reported «the same median» for tech spending: that`s two percent of the legal department`s budget. «80% of departments say OCOL reports directly to the organization`s CEO. Instead, one in ten departments has a direct reporting line to the CFO, four percent reporting to the chief operating officer. Budget constraints, executive skepticism about the added value of legal operations, and general resistance to change are hampering the efforts of legal operations professionals to advance maturity. Due to globalisation, most departments (77%) have a decentralised structure – 35% of them are under disciplinary management by the Advocate General, 22% under functional management.

The disciplinary department shows strong growth. The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced many sectors and organizations into a period of rapid change, and corporate law departments were not immune. On the contrary, legal departments of all sizes and industries have experienced dramatic changes in workflow processes, strategic priorities, and perhaps the most important work environments. In fact, this ongoing crisis has become very evident throughout 2021, even as the entire world – albeit slowly and in convulsions and in the early stages – enters a new post-pandemic era. Participating legal departments represent companies ranging from millions to tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue, ranging from a lawyer`s departments to legal teams with hundreds of employees. We understand that for more valuable benchmarking, you only need data from a well-defined apple-to-apple peer group that combines several organizational parameters. A custom report allows you to define the population to be compared, and we provide a customized report that better meets your benchmarking needs. In a separate survey of the financial services community, these two categories ranked second and third, respectively, among the 11 legal technology tools that legal services plan to implement in this market in 2022. The graph also shows the average maturity for each function for legal services that have at least one legal professional and for those that do not. The yellow bars indicate the average value that legal professionals bring to each function.

Benchmarking reports can be tailored to your company`s peer group based on: Departments that employ at least one legal operations professional are more advanced in all 15 functional areas than those that do not have a dedicated legal operations professional. 10 statistics, facts, jokes and quotes that articulate the legal market petition for price transparency Interestingly, e-invoicing ranked only sixth (20%) and managing legal expenses was not an option, although they are different technologies with similarities and differences. The report was prepared taking into account benchmarking data and anecdotal interviews using three key data sources, including Thomson Reuters Sharplegal; stellar performance research panels; and thomson Reuters` legal operations index. Participation: A total of 316 participants. In addition to targeted e-mails, opportunities to participate were also sent through various communications with CCA Legal Operations members. The top 10% of departments are at an advanced stage of legal maturity, but none are registered in the 15 core functions. Most ceos report directly to the CEO, according to the survey: «Corporate law executives continue to navigate their organizations through a global pandemic and heightened global uncertainty and market disruption,» said Hillary McNally, chief corporate officer at Thomson Reuters. The relationship between the internal team and the external consultant remains important, with three themes that surface for a better partnership: pricing, framing and project management. «When we opened the page for this calendar year, we thought it would be helpful to reflect on this report and highlight some of the statistics that we think will be of interest to our community. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your purchased report.

You can also download your report from the «My Downloads» section of your ACC online account. Follow these simple instructions to download your report from your online account. There are some differences depending on firm size, industry and geography. For example, CLOs are more likely to report to the CEO in large organizations (92%) than in medium-sized businesses (81%) or small businesses (76%). The authors of the report also used median scores to calculate a ratio of lawyers to allied professionals: the ever-changing nature of the legal environment poses other challenges. New and revised laws, decrees and regulations, as well as the growing influence of international and supranational (EU) regulations, make it difficult for legal teams to carry out their professional tasks. In the face of increasing cost pressure, legal departments are also being examined to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs. While human resources (HR) is much lower on the list (21%), the report highlights the unique relationship HR has with the legal department.