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The future of your business depends more and more on developments abroad! The Globe-Trotters mobility aid gives you access to health guarantees and support. first class to insure your employees on the go. The world is yours because we have thought of everything! Our system is designed in such a way that it requires regular settings or appointments. The social partners who administer agirc-Arrco [General Association of Executive Pension Institutions – Association of Supplementary Pension Schemes] have them regularly. But there is no urgency or gravity in the current situation. Under no circumstances is a model reform necessary, nor is a timetable necessary. The shock was partially absorbed. We are about to put an end to the shock that the last baby boomers, the 1975 generation, still have in the workforce and the end of their retirement is still far away. At age 62, those who were still employed at age 60 extended their work for about two years, increasing the employment rate for seniors. For these people, the main problem is an occupational health problem. We know that at this age, for professions exposed to psychosocial risks, retirement is a protection (see here: hal-sciencespo.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-03621346). The legal retirement age in the European Union varies from one Member State to another.

It ranges from 60 years for women in Austria and Poland (some countries set a different retirement age depending on the sex) to 67 years for both sexes in Germany and Italy. The 2010 pension reform raises this legal minimum age from 60 to 62. «This is the heart of our reform,» Labour Minister Eric Woerth said on 16 September. June 2010. [44] The pace of transition to this legal exit age is faster than initially planned by the government: four more months per year from 1 July 2011 and not three as planned. In practice, people born in 1950 will be the last to retire at the age of 60.[44] This reform triggered eight days of strike action in 2010. If you can retire abroad at age 63 in France, the average is quite different: 65 in Germany, Japan and Spain, 67 in the United States and Italy. In the UK, we are going to be 68 years old.

and the British are even considering raising the retirement age to 70! With regard to the average duration of retirement (life expectancy at the average age of the end of working life), the study does not confirm that women, since they have a higher life expectancy than men, their average retirement time is longer than that of men. Retirement involves a lifestyle adjustment. To estimate future income, it is important to perform a retirement simulation. The Pension Information Blog accompanies you monguideretraite.fr in your pension simulation and helps you calculate your future retirement. It is not impossible to expand the starting possibilities a little for long careers, as is suggested. On the other hand, it seems contradictory that the program includes many reductions in government revenues, for example, the possibility of excluding future wage increases of up to 10% of each contribution. Such a measure would lead to a significant reduction in pension income, which is neither quantified nor funded. The CoR has examined the concept of an unconditional age of eligibility, i.e. the age at which a member can receive the payment of a pension under a statutory compulsory pension scheme without any condition other than reaching that minimum age being fulfilled. In addition, in its financial projects, Bercy estimates that for 1 € less pensions spent in case of postponement of age, it is necessary to credit about 50 cents of additional expenses in social benefits of all kinds (Unédic, allowance for disabled adults, RSA …) This is shown by the studies on the 2010 reform. On the other hand, Austria, Belgium and France have an effective retirement around the age of 60 in 2017! In 2018, the new retiree applied for retirement at 62 years and 8 months.