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A professional interview. Other points you will discuss are: missions, fitness, areas of activity, your personal journey and the daily life of the Air Force. You will begin your career as a JAG with a training programme related to military life and military law, starting with the Officer Training School (OTS) and followed by the Judge Advocate Staff Officer Course (JASOC). During this training, you will stay at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, in the dormitories of the base. Throughout your career, you will have the opportunity to continue your professional training, including attending seminars and earning a Master of Laws (LL.M.). You will also participate in educational programs to develop and improve your leadership skills. Judge-lawyers have two professions. You will be both an Air Force officer and a lawyer. We expect our JAGs to continue to grow and learn in both areas. You will need to take continuing military education courses throughout your career to enhance your leadership, management and professional development skills. These courses can be completed by correspondence, seminar or in residence.

The main courses are the Squadron Officers` School (for captains), the Air Command and Staff School (for majors) and the Air Warfare School (for lieutenant-colonels and colonels). These courses are taught at or through Air University at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. The course also covers a wide range of practice areas that are essential to day-to-day operations in Air Force facilities, including government contracts, environmental law, labour law, and legal assistance. Finally, you will receive training on international and operational topics such as the legal aspects of homeland defence, deployed military justice and civil law, the law of armed conflict and the rules of engagement. You need to be fit before training starts. To learn more about our weight/height/body fat requirements, see the guidelines here.High school graduate, GED or associate, or college education instead of a high school diploma or GED All applications must be uploaded to the online application system no later than the 10th day of the month before the membership committee. Once you have submitted your documents online, select an interview location. A staff judge will contact you to schedule your interview before the first day of the Membership Committee month.

The Membership Committee submits selection recommendations to the Advocate General (TJAG). Once the TJAG has approved the list of members, selection notifications will be made available to all applicants. Results are usually provided within 30 to 60 days of the Board meeting. You must complete the Officer Training School (OTS). OTS is an eight-week training course designed to prepare private sector candidates for military life. You`ll start with a training program designed to train you in the military-style way. This is an important time when you will become an officer and head of the Air Force. They participate in fitness, military training, leadership seminars, and face-to-face studies. You are eligible to apply to our direct appointment program once you have completed two-thirds of the credits required for your law degree. If you are a non-traditional law student and are interested in our ROTC programs, please call us at 1-800-JAG-USAF to inquire about your individual situation and schedule. If you are selected, you begin the process of being classified as medically qualified for military service. The timing of medical qualification varies.

After you have medically qualified, passed the bar and obtained a reputable certificate from at least one U.S. state or territory, we will notify you of your location. Finally, you will have to wait for the opening of a position for the officer training school. Just like in the civilian world, it is important that our aircraft have access to excellent legal services when needed. Under the supervision of the Judge Advocates General, specialist paralegals help provide legal advice and services to their clients. These legal experts work in a variety of legal practices, ranging from research and interviews to case processing and discovery management to ensure the law, order and discipline of the Air Force. Four years of active service under the Direct Appointment Program. No, the examination board evaluates each candidate according to the concept of «whole person».

Factors include academic performance, extracurricular activities, community service, work experience, motivation to serve, letters of recommendation, leadership traits, personal integrity, awards and distinctions, legal writing and analytical skills, ability to meet the Air Force`s entry-level standards for height assessment standards, weight and fitness, adaptability and flexibility, as well as current or previous military experience if true. Aviator hired with credits he earned for Paralegal Yes. You can apply for the DAP in your 3L year (i.e. once two-thirds of the credits required for your ABA-approved law degree have been completed). If you are selected, you will not enter active duty until you have obtained medical approval, passed the bar, and obtained your license and certificate for a good reputation. Our compensation and services are competitive! Learn more about salaries, allowances and other benefits for Air Force employees. Transcripts must be the official documents that you must upload to the online application system. In some cases, this may require you to order officially sealed transcripts and then open the sealed envelope to upload the document to the online registration system. The SLRP pays up to $65,000 over a three-year period. Three annual payments are made equally directly to your lender, and the first payment is made after you have completed your first year of service.

Payments are taxable. How can we transform you from a raw recruit to an experienced aviator in the field? From hands-on experience to university loans for a degree, the path starts here. Yes, we hire between 90 and 100 lawyers per year in various programs. If you apply to the direct appointment program and are selected, you will be notified of your basic assignment before entering active duty. A performance obligation only occurs after you have accepted your order. If you apply to the ROTC program and are selected, you will be notified of your basic assignment once you have met your cash licensing requirements. Upon completion of the Officer Training School (OTS), you will begin the Judge Counsel Staff Officer Course (JASOC), also at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama. This is a nine-week course where you will be trained in the legal practice of the Air Force. The JASOC program focuses on many areas of military law, including military justice, litigation, and adverse administrative actions involving military personnel and civilian employees. The Jag Corps of the Air Force does not currently offer scholarships to pay for law schools.

However, the Air Force offers the Funded Legal Education Program (FMP) for officers and active duty members. Under the FLEP, officers and registered members can apply for active duty and be selected to attend the Faculty of Law with funding from the Air Force. Representative of individuals selected by the Officer Training School (OTS) the summer prior to law school. After completing the OTS, you will be tested twice a year to make sure you meet the Air Force`s fitness standards: www.afpc.af.mil/Career-Management/Fitness-Program/ Before you become a jag, you must first learn how to become an officer. This happens during the Officer Training School (OTS). OTS is a training program of approximately eight weeks at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama. This is a rigorous program designed to challenge you mentally and physically and develop you as an officer and leader. You will participate in physical fitness (running, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.), face-to-face studies, and training on Air Force customs/courtesies, Air Force history, leadership, walking exercises, and teamwork.